House of Curious: Cinema Room moodboard

With our guests all sorted with somewhere to crash, we set our sights next on somewhere for us to crash! Not a bedroom, but instead a luxurious and cocooning space where we could spend an evening catching up on our favourite TV shows or latest movie release. As we both still work full time jobs alongside our commitments to The Curious Department, we knew an indulgent space to spread out, relax and switch off from our never ending To Do lists was just what we needed to prioritise next!

The house is spread across four floors, and whilst the basement/ lower ground floor opens up into the garden, as we are situated on a hill, the front of that lower ground is actually underground, with only small side windows, and it isn't even visible from the front of the house. With a lack of natural light, we knew this space, which the previous owners used as a Dining Room, would be perfect for our Cinema Room, and the low ceiling wouldn't be an issue as we'd be sat down in this room the majority of the time!

As this floor of the house already had a mid-centrury vibe to it, with the wood panelled Garden Room and separating sliding doors, we decided to use that as our base. Our first moodboard was originally very paired back, with the logic that the room was naturally dark and as we would be staring at the TV screen 99% of the time in this room, we didn't want to put anything too distracting in. 


Cinema Room: moodboard v1


So we embraced the existing beige carpet and decided to layer on light neutrals with light shades of green. I think you'll agree, whilst the original concept was lovely, it just wasn't Curious enough... and dare say... a little boring! We soon realised that, having a Cinema Room was itself a bit of a luxury and really should be a place we went a bit wild in because of the audaciousness of having a room purely dedicated to TV watching! 

So we ripped up the first moodboard and decided to start again! For round two,  the mid-century vibe remained, but we went full on Curious, with maximalist pattern-on-pattern! Our vision is to now go totally ostentatious and incorporate lots of colour and pattern into the room, courtesy of our Electric Lagoon Blue wallpaper and Quirky B Zebo Black carpet from Alternative Flooring. It's one of those combinations that really shouldnt work.. but it does! 

We've now lives with this scheme for a few weeks and the more we see it the mroe excited we are to bring it to live! We hope to start work on this in February, and complete it in a few weeks time... depending on lead times for the sofa and the carpet.  What do you guys think?


Cinema Room: moodboard v2
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