[NEW FOR 2024] : Take a trip into the heart of the wilderness with Le Tigre, an homage to the majestic beauty of the tiger and its natural habitat. This collection is an eclectic blend of elegance and raw, untamed spirit, designed to infuse your space with the allure of the wild. Launching on velvet cushions, with wallpaper and more to come later in 2024.


Step inside the wonderful world of PREZIOSA, the latest collection from The Curious Department. Inspired by the chic styling of 1970’s Italy, Preziosa borrows from the creative culture of fashion and the aspiration of boutique hotels to create a series of organic geometric patterns.

But it’s not a Curious collection without a nature-inspired twist - all the colourways of PREZIOSA have been inspired by the beguiling colours found in nature's precious gems.

Includes designs Rebel Knit, Fizz Supreme and Liberatzion.

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Whether forged by hammer and flame, or forming over millennia deep within the Earth, gemstones and jewellery have long been the conduit of stories throughout history. HEIRLOOM explores the relationships between flamboyant objects of desire and the rich tapestry of emotion connected to them, embodying heritage, status and frivolity.

HEIRLOOM timelessly draws design influence from centuries past, from the age of discovery, the intricacies of the Renaissance, the bold glamour of the 1920's and colour palettes and movement from 90's fashion. Heirloom aims to celebrate life's extravagance and opulence to the full.



Our second collection ELEMENTAL explores the synergy between floral habitats and the creatures that reside in them. Representing the four key elements of earth, air, fire and water, and using pattern and shapes to blur the boundaries between floral forms & curious creatures.

ELEMENTAL is a heady concoction of Art Nouveau and Hollywood Regency influences across our velvet cushions and premium wallpapers, with a splash of gold foil opulence in our range of art prints and stationery.

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Propelled by the concept of transformation, our first collection explores the under-appreciated aesthetics found in the insect world, elevated into curious objects of beauty through design and mathematical forms.

METAMORPHOSIS draws from the past & present, but resides in a timeless space where nature and design converge. Featuring our signature Insect Mandala pattern across Insect fine bone china luxurious velvet cushions, and our Ethical Taxidermy, mounted on limited edition gold prints.

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