House of Curious: Moodboarding the Guest Bedroom

One of the first considerations we had with looking for our new forever home, was making a place where we could have lots of guests over, and create a place where our friends and family would feel really at home. Now that we no longer live with a connection to night buses and the London Underground network, we figured we'd have lots more overnight guests, and really wanted to create a luxury boutique hotel vibe to accommodate them. 

Guest Bedroom, image courtesy of the previous owners
Guest Bedroom: photo courtesy of the previous owners


Starting with a survey of the current magnolia shell of a room, we first accepted all the compromises up front- we didn't have the budget for a new carpet, we didn't have the budget for plastering a new ceiling, and we definitely didn't have the budget for new window shutters. So starting with those as a base, we let our minds go to work, and found ways to accept what we have and add on top!

Guest Bedroom: moodboard number 1 


Thinking about luxury boutique hotel vibes our thoughts naturally turned to our Heirloom collection, with all of its precious stones and jewelled accents.  Zellandine Moonlight is our favourite colourway from the collection, and it got us thinking about embracing the blue for the room, and served very much as the inspiration! However, as this room would be designed for our guests, we didn't want it to be overbearing on the Curious, so we opted for a more "subtle" use of the Zellandine Moonlight wallpaper on the chimney recess. We feel this tonal approach would inject some additional depth and interest into the room without being too in-your-face for our guests. 

So from there we knew blue would be the colour of the room, but we'd explore the full spectrum, from dark navy, to Classic Blue and through to the greener sides of the colourwheel. This would then be anchored by black to bring in the Chinoiseries vibes, but with dollops of gold and brass for the Art Deco vibe. 

To help break up the blue, and prevent it from being too jarring, we are hoping to bring back some period detail to the space with some wood panelling behind the bed.

Guest Bedroom: moodboard number 1  


As you can see from our moodboards, we haven't held back on Chinoiserie vibe, anchored by a bold blue, and accented by lots of black and gold. What do you think? Is this a guest bedroom you wouldn't ever want to leave?

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