The Le Tigre Collection is here!

The Le Tigre Collection: Where Elegance Meets the Wild

Take a trip into the heart of the wilderness with our latest collection Le Tigre, an homage to the majestic beauty of the tiger and its natural habitat. This collection is an eclectic blend of elegance and raw, untamed spirit, designed to infuse your space with the allure of the wild. Each piece in this collection draws from the powerful imagery of the tiger and elements associated with it, creating a striking balance between sophistication and adventure.


Tiger's Eye

Capturing the mesmerizing depth and powerful beauty found within a tiger's gaze. Liquid gold and amber tones flow through the design like lava echoing the qualities of the precious stone it's named after. Designed to draw the eye and captivate the imagination and invite confidence and strength into your life in abundance.

Tigers Eye


Wild Whispers

Bold and unapologetic, our tiger stripe designs are here to make a statement. A considered and artful interpretation of tiger markings, creating stunning rippling patterns that move with a sense of grace. Perfect for those looking to add a dynamic and striking touch to their interiors in unexpected yet considered colourways.



The Tigress

This stunning cushion features a painterly image of a regal tigress, meticulously crafted to capture every nuance of her majestic presence. The artwork, rendered in rich, vibrant hues, offers a striking focal point for your interiors, balancing grace and power with artistic finesse. 

Fierce Bloom

Drawing inspiration from the elegant beauty of the Tiger Lily flower, known for its bold, fiery colours and striking appearance. Combining the fierce beauty of the tiger with the exquisite charm of the Tiger Lily, this design is both captivating and graceful, adding a touch of floral whimsy to the collection.


Canopy Daydream

Transport your mind to a higher plane and get lost in the rippling foliage above as you take well deserved rest beneath the canopy. Painterly impressionistic elements and elevations to the sky will have you considering your higher purpose as you relax into your new found retreat.


The Le Tigre Collection is more than just decor; it's an experience. Each piece is designed to transport you to the heart of the wilderness, where the spirit of the tiger reigns supreme as an empowered icon. Adorn your home with the essence of the jungle, and feel the untamed elegance of Le Tigre envelop your hidden wild side.

Launched now across a luxurious velvet cushion collection, with wallpaper, lampshades and everyday pouches coming soon!

Coming Soon


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