New Instagram Series- House of Curious!

2020 certainly wasn't the year we had expected...most notably it was meant to mark our wedding, which was sadly cancelled (twice) due to the pandemic. 

But rather than dwell on the negative, we thankfully came out of lockdown happy and healthy, and also unexpectedly, with a new home! Like many of you, we used the time at home to reflect on our surroundings and since the wedding was cancelled we put our energies selling up, and finding our new forever home. It wasn't a smooth journey at all, with many false starts, disappointments and of course covid causing delays at every turn, but thankfully by November 2020, we had the keys in our hands, and waved goodbye to London for a life in the Hertfordshire suburbs!

Full of Victorian charm, and 4 storeys of generously proportioned rooms (albeit all horrifically clad in woodchip wallpaper and magnolia paint), our new forever home is everything we could have wished for.  It also marks an amazing opportunity for us to really put our Curious stamp on the property- letting loose our creative flair to showcase all of our fantastical patterns and maximalist leanings, but really reflect our different styles and moods too. 

House Curious


Inspired by the amazing Man with a Hammer and inspiring My Tiny Estate,  we have decided to take you guys on our journey with us as we (slowly!) bring our new Curious HQ to life. With short Instagram story updates, and longer house tour IGTV videos, we will document all of our mistakes, successes, learnings and tips and hopefully some inspirational interiors for you to enjoy at the end of it all! (does it ever end?!). We will also document all of the tools, products and companies we will partner with right here on our blog- talking you through how we chose the perfect sofa for our Cinema Room, or what we look for in statement lighting, and share any of our recommendations.

 Chris and Ross decorating

Hope you enjoy our renovation and redecoration journey, and be sure to leave us comments on our Instagram stories!

Love, Chris and Ross



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