Paint Pairings: Electric Lagoon 'Blue'

Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question we receive is, "What paint do you recommend with your Electric Lagoon 'Blue' wallpaper?"

So, we've decided to answer it here!

Before we can answer a few things to mention. Firstly, Keep in mind that lighting can greatly affect how colours appear in your home, so it's best to test any recommendations before committing. Secondly, Electric Lagoon 'Blue' is our most popular wallpaper, no doubt because it is such a vibrant and very colour-rich design, with so many gorgeous shades of blue and green to choose from and celebrate!

So, it's all about personal preference - do you prefer bright and bold shades like Classic Blue and Emerald Green or more muted tones like Sage and Duck Egg?

There's no wrong answer, so choose what speaks to you.

Here are some of our favourite colour pairings, including iconic shades from Farrow & Ball and fresher tones from our pals at Lick. And we've also thrown in one of our favourite pairings, with a Pink shade giving a rock'n'roll vibe.

Let us know which colours you gravitate towards!






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