The Art of Cushion Styling: Elevating Your Home Decor

Cushions are the unsung heroes of interior design, bringing comfort and character to our living spaces. They come in a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, and patterns, ready to transform the most mundane couch or bed into a statement of style. The versatile nature of cushions allows creative freedom in expressing our decor preferences, whether we gravitate towards bohemian chic or minimalist luxury. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the myriad ways you can use cushions to breathe new life into your home, from choosing the perfect pieces to crafting your custom designs.

Cushions from The Curious Department

Choosing the Perfect Cushions

Deciding on the right cushions for your space is more than just picking what looks pretty. It's about understanding how these soft accents can tie in with your overall decor scheme. Consider the following factors to curate a cohesive and eye-pleasing collection:

Colour and Scheme

An understanding of colour theory can be invaluable here. Complementary colours can bring a room to life, while monochromatic choices offer a serene, balanced look. If you're looking to invigorate a space, consider using cushions in an accent colour found in your room's artwork or furniture.


Mixing textures adds depth to your decor. Velvet, silk, and woven yarns not only offer tactile interest but also vary the reflective qualities in your space. The interplay of different materials can create a dynamic visual experience.


Size and Shape

Layering cushions can be visually appealing, especially when you play with sizes and shapes. A large square cushion placed behind a smaller round one, atop a rectangular bolster, creates a delightful sense of complexity.

Pattern Play

Patterns inject energy into a room. Balance bold patterns with solid colours, and mix in some smaller, subtler designs for cohesion. Remember the 60-30-10 rule: 60% of a dominant colour, 30% of a secondary color or pattern, and 10% of an accent shade. This principle can guide your pattern combinations to create a harmonious ensemble.


Styling with Cushions

Now that you've chosen your cushions, it's time to style them. The approach varies slightly depending on where your cushions will be – a bed, couch, or chair. Here are some specific tips for each:


On Sofas

Cushions on a sofa are often the first thing people notice in a living room. Play with height and symmetry. Start with two larger cushions on the outer edges and work towards the middle with progressively smaller ones. A single statement cushion in the centre can be a bold touch.


On Beds

Bed styling is about a marriage of form and function. Begin with two large Euro shams against the headboard or a single long bolster. Then layer standard or king size cushions in front in descending order. These often come in sets of threes or fives and should create a gradual step-down effect, similar to the look of a well-tailored suit.

On Chairs

Armchairs and occasional chairs aren't just for sitting; they're for showing off unique cushions. One large cushion can serve as a back support, or you can opt for two for a balanced look. The key here is to not overcrowd the chair, so you have enough space to actually sit comfortably.


DIY Cushion Covers

For the design maven who craves a personal touch, DIY cushion covers are an ideal solution. It allows you to be the designer, creating the exact look you want for your home.


Materials and Fabric

Select a durable yet attractive fabric that can withstand everyday use. Poly and Cotton Velvet, canvas, denim, and linen are great choices. Make sure you have a good pair of fabric scissors, high-quality thread, and a sewing machine if you're tackling a larger project.


Custom Sizing

Custom-sized cushions can be a game-changer, especially for atypical furniture. Whether it's a bay window bench or a daybed, a cushion made to measure can provide comfortable seating and a tailored look that off-the-shelf options just can’t. 

We sell all of our patterns on fabric by the metre, so you can create your own cushions at home or with your local upholsterer.


Seasonal and Occasional Styling

The beauty of cushions is their flexibility. You can easily switch them up to reflect the seasons or for special occasions without investing in a complete overhaul of your decor.


Seasonal Switches

In the warmer months, opt for lighter, brighter colours and breathable materials. Organic cotton and linen covers in shades of ocean blue and sunflower yellow can set the perfect summer tone. For the cooler months, richly hued velvet and fur cushions offer warmth and luxury.


Special Events

Hosting a dinner party? Consider choosing cushions that pick up on the colours of your table setting for a cohesive look. A holiday gathering could be accentuated with cushions that have festive designs or quotes. Play with themed displays for extra impact.


Shop the Look

The market is overflowing with options when it comes to cushions. From high-street home stores to independent designers, there’s a style to suit everyone. Look out for sales, and don’t be afraid to mix high and low-end pieces. Of course, here at The Curious Department we have a fabulous range of velvet cushions!


Be Bold

Cushions are a relatively small investment, so take the opportunity to experiment with bold choices. They're easier to switch out if you change your mind. Try that hot pink cushion you’ve been eyeing; it might just be the pop of colour your living room needs.

In Conclusion

Cushions are the finishing touch that completes a room, and the process of styling them is an art form in itself. Don’t be afraid to play with colours, mix patterns, and try unconventional combinations. Whether you choose ready-made cushions or venture into the craft of DIY covers, each decision contributes to the personality of your home. The team at The Curious Department appreciates your commitment to creating a space that reflects your taste and invites you to continue exploring the opportunities that cushion styling can offer. Sign up for our newsletter to stay abreast of design trends, exclusive promotions, and forthcoming products, and share your cushion styling adventures with us on social media. With the right approach, every seating area in your home can become a personal reflection of your unique aesthetic vision.

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