Tap Into The Calming Effects of Blue in Your Home Decor

Featured: Electric Lagoon Blue wallpaper by The Curious Department 

Bringing the colour blue into your home decor may seem intimidating, as with any bold colour choice, but it can prove to be a beautiful and calming addition. Not only can incorporating shades of blue add interest and personality to your living space, but it can also create an atmosphere that is inviting and serene – perfect for any room in the home! Whether you’re looking for deep indigo blues or fresh powdery hues, there are so many options when it comes to embracing the beauty of this timeless hue. Let us explore how you too can incorporate different shades of blue successfully into your next interior design project.


Featured: Zellandine Moonlight wallpaper by The Curious Department


Feature Wall
One of the most popular ways to introduce blue into your decor is with an accent wall. A feature wall stands out from the rest of your walls as it draws attention with an entirely different colour or pattern. Blue feature walls are great for bedrooms as they create a relaxing atmosphere that promotes better sleep quality. To really bring out the best in your blue accent wall, try incorporating white or black furniture pieces or light fixtures to add contrast to the space.

 Featured: Zellandine Moonlight wallpaper by The Curious Department


Featured: Zellandine Aqua wallpaper by The Curious Department

Curtains & Other Textiles
Another great way to incorporate blue is through curtains and other textiles such as towels, tablecloths, and rugs. When decorating with textiles, it’s important to find fabrics that are comfortable and luxurious- look for good pile velvets, linen or silk that also come in deep shades of blue such as navy, electric blue, cobalt, or turquoise. 
Featured: Opium Blush Teal velvet by The Curious Department
Featured: Fizz Supreme Tourmaline velvet by The Curious Department

Furniture & Accessories
Finally, furniture and accessories like cushions are another great way to add hints of blue throughout your home without going overboard. You can easily find chairs, sofas, lampshades, vases or even taxidermy —the possibilities are endless! Think about what pieces would be best suited for each room and look for items with navy blues or lighter shades like powder blues or periwinkle blues for subtle pops of colour without overwhelming your decor scheme.
Featured: Electric Lagoon Blue velvet, Rebel Knit Onyx wallpaper by The Curious Department
Featured: Coral Odyssey Teal cushion by The Curious Department

Blue has long been associated with relaxation and tranquility which makes it an excellent choice when designing a calming environment within your home. From accent walls to furniture pieces and curtains to accessories; there are countless ways you can utilize the soothing power of blue within your own space! Take some time today to explore how adding hints of this beautiful colour can instantly transform any room in your house into a serene haven where you can relax after a long day at work!
Featured: Zellandine Moonlight wallpaper and velvet, Zellandine Aqua velvet by The Curious Department
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