Neutral Decor Doesn't Have to be Boring: Tips To Spice Up Your Home

One of the joys of having a large Instagram community is meeting and being inspired by all types of people and interior tastes. And we often come across people who love our patterns but have an aversion to colour and prefer to keep things on the neutral side. And thats totally OK, because guess what. neutral decor doesn't have to be boring- FACT.  Neutrals can have an amazing effect in the right place, and we have actually embraced the chic charm of neutrals in our own home with our Attic room project. So here we are to help share some ways to spice up your home without ditching the neutral colour scheme. 


1. Mix and Match Different Textures

When working with a neutral colour scheme, textures are everything. By mixing and matching different textures, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. For example, pair a (faux) furry throw blanket with a jute rug and velvet cushions. The contrast of soft and rough materials creates a visually interesting space that feels warm and comforting. 


2. Statement Wall and Decorative Pieces

A statement wall or decorative piece can add personality and character to a room, and add that interest to an overall neutral palette. For example, opting for a bold pattern feature wall, like our Rebel Knit Onyx wallpaper, taken to the ceiling! Decorative pieces like vases, sculptures or handwoven baskets add texture and depth to space. 

3. Layer and play with different shades

When working with neutrals, layering is key. Pairing different shades and tones can create a visually dynamic space that feels cohesive and interesting. Mix beiges, creams, and tans to create a monochromatic palette that feels exciting rather than boring, here pairing our Fizz Supreme Onyx wallpaper with mocha velvet curtains, taupe footstool, grey carpet and statement art from Mike Wilcox.


4. Mix and Match Different Patterns

Any good interior designer will tell you that pattern mixing is the key to elevating a room. Pair different patterns with the same colour palette to create a sophisticated look. For instance, pair a striped sofa with a tribal print throw blanket and solid pillows, or here our Rebel Knit Onyx wallpaper with checkboard marble flooring. The result is a layered and dynamic space that feels pulled together.


5. Play with Lighting

Lighting can make or break a room, and playing with lighting is key. Opt for warm bulbs to create a cozy atmosphere. Play with different lamps and fixtures to add interest to space. Install dimmer switches to control mood lighting for intimate nights in.

6. Pair for perfection

Dont forget, neutrals make great companions to a range of colours! We particularly love pairing with blues and greens for an earthy natural world vibe, seen here with our Electric Lagoon Mist wallpaper.

In conclusion, neutral decor doesn't have to be boring. By incorporating textures, statement pieces, layering different shades, pattern-mixing and experimenting with lighting, you can create a home that feels warm, inviting, and anything but dull. We hope that these tips will help inspire you to add interest to your neutral-themed home. Happy decorating!


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