Wallpaper Trends for 2024: What's In and Why

The walls of our homes are like blank canvases waiting to be adorned with colours and patterns that express our individuality and style. As we gear up for 2024, it's essential for interior design enthusiasts, home decor lovers, and trend followers to stay ahead of what's unfolding in the wonderful world of wallpaper. Let's delve into the trends set to make waves in the coming year, transforming plain walls into stunning statements of personal flair. 

Dragonfly Swarm Wallpaper
 Image: Dragonfly Swarm Black wallpaper by The Curious Department



In the dynamic sphere of interior design, keeping a pulse on emerging trends is not just about refreshing your space; it’s about infusing your environment with a renewed energy and modern vibe. Wallpaper, with its varied designs and textures, plays a pivotal role in home decor, defining the character of a room and often serving as a focal point of inspiration for other decorative elements.


Current Wallpaper Trends

Over the past few years, we've seen a resurgence of vintage patterns, the rise of geometric shapes, and a brave move towards mural-like designs. People have embraced the mix-and-match aesthetic, combining different textures and designs to create a layered and eclectic look. But as with every form of art, evolution is the only constant.

Forecast for 2024

As we look towards 2024, several wallpaper trends are emerging, each with the promise of making your walls speak volumes about your taste and design sensibility.


Bold Patterns and Prints

Get ready to indulge your senses with wallpapers showcasing bold patterns and prints. Featuring oversized florals and abstract shapes, these designs are crafted to captivate attention and ignite conversations.

zellandine aqua wallpaper
zellandine aqua wallpaper
 Images: Zellandine Aqua wallpaper by The Curious Department


Daring Geometrics

Daring geometrics are set to take the wallpaper world by storm in 2024. These bold and intricate patterns add a touch of drama and visual interest to any space, making them perfect for those looking to make a statement with their walls. Geometric shapes such as hexagons, triangles, and chevrons create an eye-catching display when used as wallpaper design

rebel knit jasper wallpaper
rebel knit jasper wallpaper
Images: Rebel Knit Jasper wallpaper by The Curious Department 


Nature-Inspired Designs

A continuous theme in home decor is bringing the outside in. Wallpaper designs mimicking natural elements like leafy patterns, exaggerated florals, stone textures, and wood grains will continue to proliferate, granting rooms a serene and organic feel.

 Images: Opium Blush Summer wallpaper, by The Curious Department


Textured Wallpapers

Gone are the days of wallpaper serving solely as a visual delight. The sense of touch is coming into play with textured wallpapers that add depth and dimension. Think embossed finishes, suede effects, and raised motifs that invite a tactile experience.

electric lagoon mist wallpaper
electric lagoon mist wallpaper
Images: Electric Lagoon Mist wallpaper by The Curious Department


    Embracing wallpaper trends is about more than just being 'in style'; it's a commitment to making your living space a testament to your design ethos, personality and a bastion of contemporary appeal.

    As we look forward to the vibrant and varied wallpaper trends of 2024, let's remember that each roll presents an opportunity to imprint our personality upon the places we dwell. Dare to explore and experiment—with the wallpaper that resonates with you, every wall can tell its own story.

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