Style Suggestions: Opium Blush Wallpaper

Elegance, charm, and a touch of opulence define our Opium Blush wallpaper. For design enthusiasts and home decor lovers, we've crafted the following guide showcasing the versatile ways to incorporate our stunning Opium Blush wallpaper into your living spaces. Explore from subtle, refined touches to bold, artistic statements, and witness how this luxurious design can elevate your home into a sanctuary of sophisticated style.

Get to know Opium Blush

With its intricate details and mesmerising pattern, Opium Blush, is a captivating fusion of Papaver somniferum, also known as the opium poppy, in a striking blend of soft and deep pink hues. This design intriguingly merges the poppy's historical association with sleep and the ornate Art Nouveau era to create a daring statement for interior decor. The wallpaper is crafted from high-quality, durable FSC certified materials, ensuring a luxurious look that lasts, and comes in four unique colourways influenced by the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Opium Blush Wallpaper

Compatible Design Styles

Due to its versatile design, Opium Blush complements a range of aesthetics, from Art Deco to modern minimalism. It's an excellent choice for those who appreciate the finer details and want to infuse their space with an air of sophistication, but also adopt the ever popular floral trend.


Opium Blush in Rooms: The Art of Application

The beauty of Opium Blush wallpaper lies not only in its design but in its ability to transform any room. Whether you're looking to create a statement feature wall or to bring a touch of lavishness to your entire space, here are several application ideas tailored to different rooms in your home.


The Living Room: Elevate Your Entertaining Space

In your living area, Opium Blush can be the centrepiece that ties together your interior design concept. Pair it with lavish velvet cushions and throws for a luxurious retreat, or juxtapose against modern, monochrome furniture for a unique blend of the classic and contemporary. 


The Bedroom: A Haven of Elegance

Your bedroom should reflect tranquillity and comfort, and Opium Blush can turn your space into a sanctuary. Apply it behind your bed for a chic and dramatic headboard effect, or dress up your dressing area to create a boudoir feel that is truly opulent.


Dining Room: A Luxurious Ambiance

In the dining room, this wallpaper lends a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for hosting stylish soirées and indulgent meals with family and friends.


The Bathroom: Indulge in Luxury

Even the smallest spaces can benefit from the beauty of Opium Blush. Use it in your bathroom to add a touch of glamour and transform it into a unique oasis. Try applying it to the ceiling for an unexpected twist, or create a feature wall behind your bathtub for a spa-like atmosphere.


Dressing Room: An Elegant Touch

Bring a touch of opulence to your dressing room with Opium Blush wallpaper. The intricate design adds a luxurious feel to the space, making it the perfect backdrop for getting ready in style.


Classic Elegance in a Victorian Home

Discover how Opium Blush has breathed new life into the classic patterns and rich hardwoods of a Victorian home, where it effortlessly complements the era’s intricate designs and deep wood tones.

Contemporary Edge in a City Apartment

In a modern city apartment, Opium Blush provides an interesting juxtaposition to the urban landscape, offering a serene oasis against the hustle and bustle of city life.

Experiment with your own style!

One of the most stylish attributes of Opium Blush is its adaptability to various colour palettes. The paper’s depth of field and hues can create vastly different moods depending on the other colours and proportions in the room.

Balanced Proportions

When used in a room with varied proportions—such as high ceilings—you can play with the pattern's repeat to achieve a balanced look. Adjusting the wallpaper's placement can elongate or widen visual space, making it an effective tool in the decorator’s playbook.

Colour Palette Partners

Opium Blush pairs beautifully with neutrals like creamy whites and greys, as well as with bold jewel tones like emerald or sapphire. Consider the room’s natural lighting and the colour of your furniture to choose the palette that best enhances the wallpaper’s features.


Conclusion: The Lasting Elegance of Opium Blush

Whether you wish to rewrite the story of your living room or infuse your bedroom with new romance, Opium Blush encapsulates a world of character and sophistication. It’s time to reinvent your space with a dash of opulence that only this stunning wallpaper can provide.


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