What is ethical taxidermy?

No doubt you'll have noticed that we here at The Curious Department are big fans of Mother Nature and the beautiful creatures that she's filled the planet with.

Our hand mounted insects and our designed artwork are all created to elevate these gorgeous beings into a higher state of appreciation, so we can marvel at their form and function.

That's why we ensured that all of our insects are sourced from ethical conservation programmes across Europe, Central & South America, Asia and Africa, where they live out their full adult lives and are not killed for our pleasure. You will know our butterflies are ethically sourced as they bear the signs of the natural bumps and scrapes they endure throughout their lives, although we ensure to only use the best specimens for our creations.

In death, these little winged wonders actually help provide local employment, fund schools and healthcare schemes, and generate environmental sustainability, offering a local alternative to deforestation. The conservation farms also help to breed and repopulate stricken areas with species that have become endangered, helping to undo some harm we've inflicted upon Mother Nature.

We are proud to be working with ethically sourced butterflies, and are delighted to be returning them to the store in 2021. 


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